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Empowering Women 

The tools you need for the life you want

I'm Clare. I'm a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a wellbeing expert.

It's my job to get you feeling good about yourself, with the confidence to go for what you want in life!

Working with me gives you the tools to reduce stress and overwhelm and build your resilience.

More confidence...more focus on the things that really matter...a more fulfilled and connected life...less anxiety... less being at the mercy of your emotions... less holding yourself back and doubting yourself.

I tailor my sessions to suit your needs and together we'll create an individual toolkit of strategies for you to put into practice to create the life you want.

A life lived with a sense of calm, grounded confidence, secure in who you are and what you want.

Read on to find out more....

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Is This You?

You feel a disconnect in your life

You doubt yourself

You feel stressed and overwhelmed

You get stuck in worry cycles

You've lost your confidence

You're on a short fuse

Your emotions are up and down

Your inner critic is too loud!

You worry you're not succeeding at the things that matter

Do you want things to be different?

“I have taken part in several of Clare’s services - her online workshops, group video calls and most valuable to me - private 1:1 sessions. She has an incredible way of reading through all the chaos of my feelings and figuring out the root, giving me sensible goals and has taught me the power of accepting emotions as normal. That it is ok to be fed up or angry or sad but that there is something that can make you feel better when you need it - your own mind!”

Kelly Rigg

Let me show you how to….

Lower your stress

Believe in yourself

Cut through the overwhelm

Manage anxiety and feel calmer

Deal with the emotional highs and lows

Go for what you want in life

Feel connected to what and who you love

Feel good about yourself!

Build your resilience

Create the life you want