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Reaching Your Human Potential

Do you know there's more in you, still to realise?

Do you feel you've more to give. More to experience. More to create in your life?

But you just can't seem to get there?

Something's holding you back.

Maybe it's an adventure you're itching to have. Or a book you know is within you to write. Or a next leap to take in your business or career.

Whatever it is, it's nagging at you and it won't go away. But you're hesitating. Uncertainty and doubt are getting in your way and preventing you from taking that leap.

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This is where you need a stretch mindset.

A mindset that allows you to exist in those stretch zones, to grow and have the tools and awareness to manage the confidence dips and self-doubt that inevitably come when we're stretching into something we've not done before.

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This is what I do. I teach people the skills to navigate the stretch zone, and reach the achievements on the other side.

Together we build confidence, tackle self-doubt and imposter feels., and create the mindset that allows you to stretch far and create more than you were ever sure was possible in your life and in your work.

I've worked with international bestselling authors, creatives within the BBC, Head of Design of a large high street sustainable fashion brand, advertising execs, CEOs of charities, founders and entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders in education.

One thing they've all had in common is the mission to tap into the potential they know is within them and create the impact they know they're capable of. But they've got stuck trying to navigate the stretch.

Together we've navigated through and taught them the mindset they need to do extraordinary things.

It all comes down to mindset.

Anyone who's stretched outside of their familiar and achieved the extraordinary, knows that it's mindset that gives them the winning edge.

A mindset of confidence, self-belief and the power of potential.

I call it your Stretch Mindset. It will change the way you think, feel and show up in your life.

Take the leap and let me show you how.


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Transformational Mindset, Therapeutic Support


"Clare is the real deal. She helps you cut through the noise and move forward"

"Realistic, relevant & relatable. That dose of unassuming magic every woman needs on a daily basis"

"After just one session with Clare I already feel a massive improvement"

"Wow, Clare is amazing. I can't wait for our next session"


"My life wouldn't be the same without Clare in it. Game Changing"

"Clare's membership is phenomenal! Hands down my favourite group to be part of"

"Mindset is a huge part of my personal & business growth. I'm so happy I've found Clare to guide me"

"I have come away from every session feeling inspired"


"Working with Clare has been a game changer"


"Clare's Imposter Syndrome masterclass is amazing and something all women should hear"

Hi, I'm Clare Flaxen.

I'm an Ivy League trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & mindset strategist.

I cut my teeth working in the NHS and I went on to run a mental health & wellbeing service for a London university, before moving to the States and training as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at the University of Pennsylvania.

With over 25 years of experience working in the field, I've got the tools and the expertise to teach you the mindset & wellbeing strategies you need for the potential you want to reach in your life.

All based in psychology, psychotherapy and up to date research.

My goal is to show you how to create a stretch mindset of confidence, self-belief and inner calm, for unlimited purpose, potential and results in your life, without compromising on your happiness.

My work is for anyone who knows there's more with them to tap into.

I have a specialist interest in working with female founders and creatives.

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The confidence & self-belief to make that stretch

A rock solid mindset to deal with challenges

EMPOWERED self-awareness

Bigger purpose, potential and satisfaction

Higher reaching impact and results

The mindset to go for your next big stretch

Reignite your purpose & potential

No more playing small!

No more holding back!

Stop letting fear & uncertainty limits you

Step into your power

Enjoy your today, while you create your extraordinary tomorrow