Hi, I’m Clare

I’m a rare gem in this world of experts, therapists and self-help.

Let's Get You

from meh... to marvellous

I've worked in the world of wellbeing for over twenty years now and what I've got really good at is making deep, genuine connections with people quickly and seeing right to the core of what's going on for them.

I'm a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

I teach women how to change old patterns of thinking and behaving that are holding them back. I get them feeling more confident and happier in themselves, so they can create the life they want and perhaps more importantly, feel good about life and good about themselves.

I trained with some of the top cognitive therapists worldwide, at the birthplace of CBT: the ivy-league University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Therapy in the United States.

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What I love most about my work is helping people understand the connections between their thoughts and beliefs, their emotions, and their behaviours.

Once that self-awareness is developed and new, more effective strategies for life learnt, people TRANSFORM. And I love to see people fly in life.

When you understand how to think and do differently, you FEEL different and you can start to create the life you want and enjoy being you.

Don't keep yourself small. Don't let stress and fear take over. Don't waste precious time and energy selling yourself short and questioning whether you're good enough.

Let's start work today getting you believing in yourself, focusing on what's important to you and feeling good about yourself and your choices.

Life is here to be lived. Let's not waste any more time.

I'll get to know all about you, so here are some things for you to know about me:


  • I love neuroscience and personal development. Learning doesn't stop for me
  • I used to run a mental health & wellbeing service at a London University and I was a frontline mental health social worker in the UK for many years
  • I've lived in three different continents and travelled the world solo over one wonderful year
  • I rarely do things the expected way and am not afraid of change
  • I'm calm under pressure and know how to manage emotions
  • I'm a mum who also believes in investing in herself and living life with a big perspective
  • I know about challenging myself, emotional resilience and getting the most out of life
  • I can show you how to do the same and feel good about yourself in the process.


"Clare has lifted a weight from my shoulders. She was totally calm and methodical about approaching my problems. Clare is so good at recognising what is important to you. I really felt that I was in safe hands. She helps me stay grounded and calm"

Georgia Black

Let me show you how to….

Believe in yourself

Feel grounded and calm

Stop anxiety running the show

Develop healthy coping strategies

Manage your emotions

Go for what you want in life

Feel less stressed

Let go of perfect

Re-connect with yourself

Live a more fulfilled life