Passionate about self-empowerment & self-leadership for women


Hey, I'm Clare
I'm a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, with a wealth of mindset & wellbeing expertise - I take you deeper than coaching can and I'm more maverick than a traditional therapist!
I've worked in the world of mindset & personal development for twenty plus years and I've got really good at making deep, genuine connections with people quickly & seeing right to the core of what's going on for them.
I teach women like you how to rewire the old patterns of thinking & behaving that are holding you back and show you instead, how to live in the energy and power that comes from understanding yourself and what you really want in this life.
Together we go deep into the mindset work to release yourself from the beliefs and conditioning that aren't serving you.
I trained with top cognitive therapists worldwide, at the birthplace of CBT: The Ivy-League University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Therapy in the United States. With me, you're in good hands.
Ready to master your mindset once and for all

Ready to shift up your perspective to bring in some awareness of those moments when your inner critic pipes up?

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......When you work with me, I get to know all about you, so here are some things for you to know about me!

I love CBT, neuroscience and personal development. Learning is a lifelong thing for me

I used to run a mental health & wellbeing service at a London University, and I was a frontline mental health social worker in the UK for many years

I'm a cold water swimming addict. I'm at my happiest in my local lido or women's pond

I'm a Londoner with dual US citizenship

I've lived in three different continents and travelled the world solo over one extraordinary year

I'm a woman who believes in investing in herself and living life with a big perspective

I currently live in London with my husband, our daughter and our cat

I know about challenging myself, emotional resilience and getting the most out of life

I can show you how to do the same and feel good about yourself in the process

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"Clare has lifted a weight from my shoulders. She was totally calm and methodical about approaching my problems. Clare is so good at recognising what is important to you. I really felt that I was in safe hands. She helps me stay grounded and calm"


"Clare is such a breath of fresh air. She looks at you and your coping mechanisms. Unlike lots of experts out there she's realistic, knows what challenges really look like on the ground and doesn't expect you to be a saint. She really helps you understand your triggers and provides very practical tools that can be applied in everyday life.