Stop feeling like a fraud and move into unshakable self-belief

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Stop staying stuck in your cycle of imposter syndrome...

And build self-belief & confidence instead.

Learn the psychology behind your imposter syndrome and how to be free of it

If you've ever felt like a fraud or an imposter, this masterclass is for you.

We'll explore exactly what imposter syndrome really is and how to switch your imposter cycle to one of confidence and unwavering self-belief.

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We'll cover plenty of exercises to help you learn how to implement changes in your mindset (and actions) so that you can ditch the imposter feelings and step into self-belief and success.

2 hr recorded masterclass in bite size modules

Workbook with easy to implement exercises

Complete step by step process for breaking your imposter cycle

No surface level fixes, we go straight to the root cause and change it

Strategies based in psychology and neuroscience


Masterclass & Workbook

2 hr recorded masterclass, with a step by step process to shift your imposter feelings once and for all, broken down into easy to follow, quick modules and exercises.

Mindset Tools

Strategies from a cognitive behavioural therapist for you to implement and see real life, core shifts in your imposter syndrome. No superficial fixes here!

Sky Rocket Your Self-Belief

Go through the modules, implement the strategies and see your imposter syndrome beliefs change into increased confidence and unshakable self-belief instead.

Realistic, relevant and relatable.The dose of mindset magic every woman needs on a daily basis.

After just one session with Clare I already feel a massive improvement.

Wow, Clare is amazing. I can't wait for our next session.

Clare's Imposter Syndrome masterclass is one that all women should hear.

My life wouldn't be the same without Clare in it. Game changing.

I've been to many therapists, but none have been effective until I met Clare.

Clare is the real deal. She helps you cut through the noise and move forward.

If this is you...

  • You doubt yourself, despite all your achievements
  • Your successes never feel like they really count
  • You feel like you haven't earned your place at the table
  • You can't shake the feeling that it's all been fluke or luck


  • You worry that others will find you out and realise you're a fraud
  • You never feel secure in your role
  • It stops you from enjoying what you've got
  • You're ready to make changes
  • You don't want to live like this anymore

...then this masterclass has been made for you.

Let’s make that change

Get the Mindset Made Simple Imposter Syndrome masterclass today and start shifting your Imposter Syndrome to unshakable self-belief instead.

Real life mindset tools, from a real life cognitive behavioural therapist.

About Clare

Hello! I'm Clare. I'm an Ivy League trained cognitive behavioural therapist and a mindset trainer for individuals and organisations.

I've created this masterclass from my 25+ years of experience as a therapist and working in the world of mental wellbeing.

I've worked with people from a wide range of professional backgrounds - from successful entrepreneurs and business owners, to creatives, best selling authors, senior leaders in tech, media and fashion and I've seen Imposter Syndrome raise its head time and time again. Regardless of how successful a person is.

And I know it can be changed to self-belief instead and a weight can be lifted.

Everything I teach you in the masterclass is based in the psychology and neuroscience of what's behind your imposter syndrome, and most importantly, exactly what to do to change it and grow your self-belief instead.

Use the recorded modules and simple action steps to get free of your imposter syndrome and step into your true potential and worth - I'm cheering you on!