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Join us in June!

An Empowered Minds In Business special, with Clare and guest expert, business growth strategist Caron Pollard

Join Clare and Caron for a month of business and mindset strategy and growth, exclusive to Empowered Minds.

June is your chance to work on your mindset AND your business or career.

Caron has a wealth of experience working with business owners to scale and grow, and consults on strategy and implementation for corporations and industry leaders.

I'm an Ivy-League trained cognitive behavioural therapist, with a specialism in working with female entrepreneurs, business owners and women in leadership.

Together we're a powerhouse of real, tangible action that shows you exactly what to do (no vague advice, with no detail), and core mindset shifts, that get to the core of the issues (no fluff or surface level quick fixes!)

It's going to be a month full of strategy & support, plus learning & implementing for a clear vision and actionable steps to take your business/career and mindset from where it's at now.....to where you need it to be.

Come and join us for June!  For June only, use code SAVE20 and try out the month for £27 instead of £47, no hidden costs, no obligation to stay after the month is done

*£27 price includes access to the private Facebook community and all live sessions with Clare and Caron, but does not include access to the membership site. Please join at full price if you wish to access the site resources too. 

Join the high impact, mindset made simple membership for women founders, creatives and leaders and build your mindset of unstoppable confidence and self-belief.

Scale your purpose, potential and results, without compromising on your happiness.

Unleash your unstoppable!

Ready to create a life with no holding back?

You KNOW there's more out there for you!

You're ready to reach for the unstoppable potential inside of you and go all in. You're ready to re-focus on the things that matter most to you and create space and enjoyment in your life.

You're so done with being stuck in the overwhelm and self-doubt!

Am I right?

You want to feel proud of yourself and what you've created! You want to believe in yourself.

Are you ready? No more holding yourself back!

It all starts with mindset.

We're talking deep mindset work, made simple!

Whether it's big changes you want or a greater sense of peace and enjoyment, it all starts with building an unshakeable core of confidence and self belief.

Read on to see exactly how the Empowered Minds membership will give you this.

I teach women just like you, the step by step mindset process to be unstoppable.

Meet Our Members!


Facebook and Instagram Ads marketer, Sarita Jairath decided it was time to invest in herself.

"How I show up in my business is intrinsically linked to how I feel about myself. I know that mindset is the key to everything.

I'm so much more confident now and I've stopped delaying things I'm scared about doing - in my life and my work!

If you're thinking about joining the membership, just DO it!"


Suzi Ratcliffe

Suzi Ratcliffe runs a business support service, helping owners & directors reduce their workload and get organised.

"Working on my mindset gives me the confidence to tackle new things and understand what's holding me back.

Since joining I've seen some big shifts in my mindset which have improved my business and my personal life.

The group is great - safe, supportive, open and honest. Clare is fantastic!"



I know you are! You're ready for the confidence to go after what you know you were made for, without holding back or getting tripped up by life's challenges!

Come join me and my community of awesome women and start creating your UNSTOPPABLE mindset, my friend.

I'll show you how.


Time to stop letting limiting beliefs and mindset blocks define you.

Here's what you get in the membership, all for just £47 a month (that's about £1.50 a day - seriously, think about that for a sec..)

A step by step mindset process from starter to unstoppable

Proven mindset strategies based on psychology, therapy and my 20+ years of experience

A unique member journey to guide you every step of the way

A membership site with recorded modules & workbooks

A library of mindset masterclass sessions

A buzzing and engaged community for accountability & support

A monthly LIVE group mindset session with Clare

A monthly LIVE mindset reset sessions with resident hypnotherapist, Tara

I'll teach you the workings of your mind, so that you can confidently navigate your way through life & be unstoppable

Make deep mindset shifts and seize opportunities instead of holding back. Get ready to fly and feel great about yourself!

Fast Track Your Results

The membership site has a unique member journey, to take you from starter to unstoppable, and a library of masterclass sessions

Learn Together

Go further together! Get support and accountability, whenever you need it, in our Empowered Minds community.

It's your mindset magic ingredient!

Be Unstoppable

Supercharge your mindset

Access LIVE sessions with Clare and get hands on support and mindset coaching to create your life without limits

Meet Our Members!

Merrisha Gordon Mini Brand Shoot September 2021

Life, Career & Leadership coach, Merrisha Gordon left a successful career in the NHS to set up her own business as a leadership coach and consultant.

"I've made massive shifts since being in the group which has a knock on effect on my business. I've got a waiting list for 1:1s because I've now got the confidence to show up on social media, and let people see who I am!

I still get the feelings but I'm managing them better now, to get the life I've always desired"


Here's what the women in Empowered Minds have to say!

"Clare makes the complicated psychology of mindset into simple language"

"The Imposter Syndrome masterclass is AMAZING!"

"The Empowered Minds membership has changed my life for the better"

"My life wouldn't be the same without Clare in it. Game-changing"

I've been to many therapists, but none have been effective until I met Clare.

"Being in the membership has changed the way I view myself and the world"

"There is SO much to Empowered Minds. I take what I need, when I need it"

"This group is my secret weapon"

"Like a comforting blanket and a loving kick in the pants, rolled into one"

"I now have confidence, clarity and a business!"

"I am so much more confident!"

"It's like a gym membership, but for your heart and mind"

"It's an amazing pick n mix of mindset tools"

"MindWorks keeps me sane and is cheaper than therapy!"

Let’s make that change

It's time to create an unstoppable mindset!

EVERYTHING starts with mindset.

Come and join the mindset membership for women that has everything you need to re-write the scripts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Grow into the life you know you were made for and see tangible transformations, as you move along your unique member journey in Empowered Minds.

Get support and encouragement, every step of the way.

A more fulfilling and purposeful life with space, confidence and focus on the things that matter most to you, really is within your reach!

You just have to take the next step.

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A little more about me:

I'm Clare, an Ivy League trained CBT therapist & mindset expert with twenty plus years of experience in mental health & wellbeing & cognitive behavioural therapy.

I've had the privilege of working with numerous women from all walks of life.

From 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurial women who understand the importance of working on their mindsets to smash their goals, to women who want more space in their days, to feel more confident and ENJOY more of life.

I've been there too! I left a long career in the NHS and public sector to set up my own business.

I know the importance of mindset work and how hard it can be to do it on your own.

I currently live in London with my family and can often be found swimming in my happy place,  the ponds on Hampstead Heath.


Will you join us and start being unstoppable?

Meet Our Members!

Carina (1)

Carina Tillson juggles a senior leadership role alongside being a coach, running her own meal planning business and raising her young family.

"Mindset is the basis for everything.

If you want to super-charge your mindset but you're not sure how; if you've tried self-help books and gotten lost in Insta-therapist content that sounds good but doesn't actually move you forward, Clare's membership will be a revelation.

Come join us!"