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Ready to be unstoppable? Brand new Empowered Minds Membership for Business, Mindset & Wellbeing, coming soon!

The Empowered Minds Membership is getting a face lift!

I'm joining forces with Business Growth Strategist, Caron Pollard, and together we're creating an empowered space for women ready to go further in their business or career and to learn the mindset strategies for a foundation of confidence and self-belief.

No more playing small. No more dimming your light. No more getting in your own way.

This membership is a wellbeing space too. We see too many women burning out as they take on the pressures of trying to do it all, or not having the time and space to enjoy what they're creating as they're just too darn busy.

So wellbeing HAS to be a focus alongside the business and mindset growth work.

We want you to love what you create and to live a life that feels fulfilling and above all, enjoyable!

Caron has a wealth of experience working with business owners to scale and grow, and consults on strategy and implementation for corporations and industry leaders.

I'm an Ivy-League trained cognitive behavioural therapist, with a specialism in working with female entrepreneurs, business owners and women in leadership.

Together we're a powerhouse of real, tangible action that shows you exactly what to do (no vague advice, with no detail), with core mindset shifts, that get to the heart of the issues (no fluff or surface level quick fixes!), that leave you feeling GOOD and enjoying your life and your work.

Get ready to join the high impact, mindset made simple membership for women founders, creatives and leaders and build your mindset of unstoppable confidence and self-belief.

Scale your purpose, potential and results, without compromising on your happiness.

Unleash your unstoppable!