Private CBT Sessions

Make deep, long-lasting changes to your life with my online 1:1 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions.

Get hands on help from me to manage the challenges in your life.

  • Move past old blocks that are holding you back
  • See yourself, your life and the world around you through a different lens
  • Move forward and create the life you want


  • Feel calmer and more confident.
  • Learn how to manage stress better
  • Get effective strategies for coping with anxiety
  • Understand your emotions and what triggers you
  • Feel more resilient!
  • Stop that inner critic from holding you back
  • Get comfortable challenging yourself
  • And above all, feel good about yourself and the choices you make in your life.


Life is here to be lived, but too often you're held back by unhelpful limiting beliefs.

You doubt yourself, you compare yourself to other people, you hold expectations that create unrealistic pressures and insecurities. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you just can't seem to change unhelpful patterns and behaviours.

Let's not waste any more time. How would it feel to have the confidence to go for what you want in life? To feel grounded in your emotions and to not let stress and worry take over?

How would it feel to like yourself more?

Pretty damn good, no?

So here's what you can do about it and how it all works:

All sessions take place online through a private video call. You have the ease and convenience of accessing support anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home.


CBT for First Timers

If you're new to self-development or CBT, we'll cover the basics first and do some work over a period of time and a pace that works for you.

In order to make real changes, we have to lay the right foundations first!

We'll explore together what's coming up as blocks for you, I'll help you gain a better understanding and show you how to make positive changes in how you're feeling and living.

I recommend starting with an initial six sessions on a weekly basis and reviewing after that.


Weekly 1hr Sessions - £75 each

CBT Intensive Support

If you've done some therapy or self-exploration before and want a top up or to get back on track with some things that have slipped, you can book a 90 minute refresher session.

Together we'll unpack the key issues and put together a package of strategies for you to start using straight away to feel more confident and back in the driving seat of your life.

90 Minute Intensive - £110

I have some availability for payments on a sliding scale, depending on income. Please contact me to to discuss.


Email me to book your session

Clare is such a breath of fresh air. She looks at you and your coping mechanisms. Unlike lots of experts out there she's realistic, knows what challenges really look like on the ground and doesn't expect you to be a saint. She really helps you understand your triggers and provides very practical tools that can be applied in everyday life.

Rachel Rimmel

I can help you to...

Manage anxiety

Increase your confidence

Quieten your inner critic and feel good about yourself

Let go of trying to do it all

Understand what perfectionism is really about and how to fix it

Improve your mood and enjoy more of life

Heal from trauma

Stop feeling like an imposter in your life

Learn effective stress management techniques

Deal with intrusive thoughts and stop dress rehearsing tragedy

Feel more connected in your life

Feel OK when things feel out of control

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