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MindWorks Membership

A unique mindset and wellbeing membership for women ready to cut through the noise, go for what they want in life and thrive.

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This membership will change your life.

I've taken all my years of clinical experience and distilled them down into two main must haves if you want to transform your life:


Mindset skills to set you up for success and damn good habits for wellbeing to get you feeling great.


And I'm going to teach them to you.


This membership is for you if you're ready to stop playing small in life and build the confidence to go for what you want.


I'll show you the mindset skills you need to thrive and fulfill your true potential.


And together we'll build the daily habits you need to keep yourself feeling good, with the reserves in the wellbeing tank topped up, so that you can enjoy more of life and all you're achieving.

Even when the going gets tough.


Here's what you'll get.

Access to a private Facebook group

Exclusive live monthly deep dive teaches into mindset skills

Weekly lives and accountability check ins

Hands on support from me - get my skills working on the blocks in your life!

Goal setting

The most effective habits for wellbeing and success

Support to put what you learn into practice in your life

A community of strong, smart women just like you to be your support network (we are who we surround ourselves with!)


Here's what it'll give you.

The confidence to go for what you want and thrive

The support to build your self-belief and succeed in life and work

The skills to learn new patterns of thinking and doing that will get you soaring in life

The emotional resilience and mindset to manage challenges and adversity and still succeed

More enjoyment in your life

A better quality of life - you'll learn how to be more present and deepen your connections with others

A reconnection with yourself - love being unapologetically you!

A network of amazing women to be your support network

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“This group is my SECRET WEAPON!"

Emma, Dorset