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MindWorks Membership

Oh NO!! You've missed it! Doors to MindWorks are now closed...

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"If you've tried self-help books and gotten lost in Insta-therapist content that sounds good but doesn't actually move you forward, Clare's membership will be a revelation. Come join us!" - Carina Tillson
"MindWorks is an amazing pick and mix of tools which help me personally and in my biz"  - Sarita Jairath
"Clare is amazing and has such a unique ability to make the complicated psychology of mindset into simple language so you can progress and grow" - Evelyn Dolan
"MindWorks is a support network of awesome women, all breaking through our own personal boundaries and stories" - Helen Morton
"It’s like gym membership but for your mind and your heart; well worth the investment in yourself, you'll learn tools for life"  - Sharon Kanolik
"I like the way Clare explains how to get the BEST from your mindset!" - Mandy Baker
"I am so much more confident now! If you're thinking of joining MindWorks, just f**king do it!" - Sarita Jairath
 "I feel more confident, more anchored and more in control of my life" - Sharon Kanolik

Are you ready to go from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE?

When you feel stuck or blocked, I can guarantee you that it's your mindset you need to work on first.

It ALL starts with mindset.

My unique membership is the place for empowered minds.

It's a women-only private mindset community where I'll teach you the skills and strategies you need to uplevel your mindset to uplevel your life.

Are you ready for more in life?

Are you tired of holding back and playing small? Do you know where you want to go but fear or self-doubt keep getting in your way?

Do you get so far in your goals and then come to a grinding halt?

Do you need that nudge of self-belief and confidence that you know will get you soaring, but you can't seem to do it for yourself?

Do you have ambitions?

A drive to experience all that life has to offer?

Do you want to be all-in with what matters most to you, but you keep playing out patterns that stop you from achieving what you know you're capable of?

Are you feeling the overwhelm and you're tired of being stressed to the max?

Do you know there must be a better way of doing things, but you just don't know how?

Then MindWorks is for you.

It's a unique mindset membership for purpose driven women who want to reach their goals in business & life with ease, confidence and enjoyment.

Sign up the next time doors open and here's what you'll get:

Each month MindWorks members get:

  • A bite size recorded mindset tool or strategy to build into their toolkit
  • A live group teach with me, incl hot seat mindset coaching
  • A live Q&A with me
  • A live session with our resident hypnotherapist, Tara Bentall, for relaxation with an added confidence boost!
  • A private Facebook community for the magic ingredient of having others support you, cheer you on and give accountability
  • Access to the library of every masterclass ever done in MindWorks (perfectionism, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, stress & overwhelm, procrastination, achieving goals, and SO much more!)

PLUS, weekly check ins and accountability threads in our community and regular challenges to spice things up and keep it FUN!

All this, in addition to our brand new membership portal and mindset pathway, coming soon!

Come and be part of my MindWorks community and get yourself the secret ingredient that takes you from wanting to change to actual change.

Once you do that, the possibilities are limitless.

It's just £47 a month (no contract to tie you in, leave when you want). Annual memberships available too - get 12 months for the price of 10.

Sound good? Great, we can't wait to welcome you in!

Doors are currently closed, but you can sign up to my mailing list below and be the first to know when they open again.

Why Choose MindWorks?

MindWorks is different from your average mindset group.

For a start, I'm an Ivy League trained cognitive behavioural therapist.

I've got the skills and training to show you how to make changes at a core level and understand the processes of your mind, so that you can build the transformations you want in your life.

I'll show you how to create an unshakable self-belief and confidence and I'll give high impact mindset tools from evidence based psychological & CBT strategies.

But these tools don't mean anything unless you put them into practice.

And that's where the MindWorks community comes in.

Us humans are wired to do bigger and better things when we're part of a group.

Where we get a sense of belonging, accountability and an incentive to step up and show up.

So this is what our private community gives you.

A space to feel connected and supported and to bring action to your goals and intentions.

Because that's when the transformations happen.

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I'll give you all the mindset skills you need, with live and recorded teaches each month and the opportunity to get hands on mindset coaching with me in our monthly group calls.

Plus, when you join, you'll be taken through self-paced learning videos to create your personal wellbeing plan and build the foundations of your mindset toolkit, so you can hit the ground running!

And in MindWorks we place an emphasis on enjoying what you're doing.

I want to get you feeling GREAT about yourself!

I'll show you how to get the confidence to create a life on your terms and reach your goals & potential, but you also have to love it!

Otherwise, there's zero point to it.

So, we'll get you lowering your stress and overwhelm, liking being you and loving being in your life.

Shhhh! Want a sneak peek?

MindWorks is having an upgrade! We're moving over to a shiny new membership portal later this year, with lots of exciting updates!

  • A dedicated membership site where you can access all your content and recordings
  • A brand new membership journey pathway to follow - go on your mindset journey, at your pace, with recorded modules to watch or listen to and actions to implement to lay your mindset foundations and start seeing real life, tangible transformations in your mindset and your life
  • Track your progress through your mindset journey and know exactly what to do next to move from a learner mindset to mindset mastery
  • A library of all the masterclass sessions ever held in MindWorks to access, whenever you want
  • Plus, our special MindWorks community to give you the magic ingredient of accountability, support and a group of like minded women to be part of to help you put your mindset tools into practice!

Knowledge is power but action =TRANSFORMATION!

Join MindWorks today and you'll get priority access to the new membership portal as soon as it's ready (no waiting til the next doors open, next year)

Ready to jump on in and start your mindset transformation journey?

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"Grateful for the MindWorks group... it’s amazing and if anyone is thinking of joining, it’s a definite must... Clare is amazing and you won’t regret it!"  -Evelyn
"What MindWorks means to me: Purpose; Direction; Choices; Support; Change"  - Bairbre
"My personal mindset feeds into my biz" - Sarita
"Since being in MindWorks I feel empowered to take action and live more positively" - Carina
"I can spend as much or as little time as I have available in the group and still see great results" - Helen

In the world of your mindset, be a DISRUPTOR

Read the full terms and conditions. Subscriptions renew on a monthly basis, no minimum length of stay

“This group is my SECRET WEAPON!"

Emma, Dorset