Make deep, long-lasting changes to your life with my 1:1 mindset & CBT sessions.

Get hands-on help from me to make the changes you want to see become your reality.

  • Move past old blocks that are holding you back
  • Get to the core of unhelpful beliefs that are keeping you stuck & playing small
  • Bring conscious awareness to your patterns of emotions & behaviours that aren't serving you
  • Move forward and create the life you want
  • Build a self-empowered mindset
  • Get confident
  • Create an unshakable self-belief
  • Learn to move through fear & doubt
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Stop that inner critic from holding you back
  • Get comfortable challenging yourself
  • And above all, feel good about yourself and the choices you make in your life.


Life is here to be lived, but too often you're held back by unhelpful limiting beliefs.

You doubt yourself, you compare yourself to other people, you hold expectations that create unrealistic pressures and insecurities. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you just can't seem to change unhelpful patterns and behaviours.

Let's not waste any more time. How would it feel to have the confidence to go for what you want in life? To feel grounded in your emotions and to not let stress and worry take over?

How would it feel to believe in yourself and create a life you thrive in?

Pretty damn good, no?



Work 1:1 with me and get my unique blend of mindset tools and strategies, designed to make deep, lasting change using cognitive behavioural therapy and my S.E.L.F method for change.

Together, we'll get to the root cause of your blocks and release you from old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving so that you can be free to live the life you know you were made for.

You'll get me teaching you the skills you need and accountability and support every step of the way. We'll focus on the goals that are important for you, whether that's living a more fulfilling life, creating the mindset you need to succeed in your business or career, or feeling more confident and secure in your own skin.

Sessions are tailor-made to suit you and we'll work intensively together to help you build the mindset you need to thrive in a life you love.

Self-empowerment and self-leadership are the keys to a happy, successful, fulfilling life and they start with you and your mindset.

This is deep mindset work and there's no one size fits all approach here, so get in touch today for a chat about how I can help you build the life you know you were made for.


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Clare is amazing and has such a unique ability to make the complicated psychology of mindset into simple language that means you can break everything down, implement new techniques and actually progress and grow. I have become more confident in my abilities and have overcome my ‘perceived’ fear of public speaking or presentations by using Claire’s techniques and now actually enjoy it. Her imposter syndrome master all was AMAZING and one that all women should hear.


I can help you to...

Build a confident mindset

Quieten your inner critic and stop playing small

Let go of outdated ways of seeing yourself

Understand what perfectionism is really about and how it's holding you back

Feel good about yourself and your accomplishments

Banish Imposter Syndrome

Have the self-belief to go after what you want

Learn effective stress management techniques

Stop spiraling into dress rehearsing tragedy

Create deeper connections and be more present in your life

Heal those feelings of not good enough

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