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Workshop 1: Manage your stress and say goodbye to overwhelm   

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Stress affects us all.

This introductory stress management workshop will show you:

  • what's driving your stress
  • how your mind and body respond to it
  • the difference between stress and toxic stress
  • strategies for de-stressing and feeling calmer
  • a checklist of questions to ask yourself that will make the overwhelm dissipate.

You don't need to get rid of stress from your life, you just need to deal with it differently.

Workshop 2: How to cope when life feels out of control

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Feeling out of control can be really  uncomfortable.

It goes against our need for safety and security. And at the moment life is feeling very out of control.

This workshop will teach you tools for feeling grounded and calm when everything around you feels uncertain.

Workshop: How to calm down your anxious mind

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Anxiety and worry interfere in our ability to fully engage in and enjoy life.

They're energy drainers.

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

Calm down your anxiety

Understand what's going on in your thought processes and patterns of behaviour that's actually increasing your anxiety.

Learn how to create new ways of thinking and responding that put you back in the driving seat

Feel more grounded and in control again, without anxiety sending you into a tailspin.

Workshop: How to get better sleep

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Sleep is getting disrupted at the moment for a lot of people.

Difficulties switching off your busy mind at the end of the day? Feeling preoccupied by worry thoughts and the overwhelm of all you've got to do? Waking up eye wateringly early, unable to get back to sleep?

Or maybe you just want to learn how to get better sleep patterns and feel more rested.

Whichever it is, I've got you covered.

Learn how to create healthier sleep habits and associations. Plus, learn different strategies to get you drifting off to sleep quicker or back to sleep sooner.

“Thanks for a great session, I’ve been telling people about it! I thoroughly recommend the workshop, it helped me to take a mental step back and understand I can CHOOSE rather than REACT. Thank you for a very powerful and challenging workshop. It felt so good to take some time to think and the CBT reframing was very releasing”

Jackie Meek