Ready to get self-empowered like these women and be the leader in your own life?

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"Realistic, relevant and relatable, that dose of unassuming magic every woman needs on a daily basis"

Ngozi Egwuatu

"After just one session with Clare I already feel a massive improvement"


Merrisha Gordon Mini Brand Shoot September 2021

"I've made massive shifts since being in the group which has a knock on effect on my business. I've got a waiting list for 1:1s because I've now got the confidence to show up on social media, and let people see who I am!

I still get the feelings but I'm managing them better now, to get the life I've always desired"

Merrisha Gordon, leadership coach & consultant


"The Empowered Minds membership is an absolute essential tool for modern life. Clare leads you through techniques and tools to apply to your everyday and help build the resilient mindset you want (and sometimes don’t know you need). With a monthly theme, interactive sessions, CBT techniques, bitesize videos and a community of supportive members, it’s such a great space to be in. I highly recommend it!"

Jill Robertson

"I've come away from every session inspired!"

becca benning

"Working with Clare has been a game changer for me.

She's the real deal, super intuitive and knowledgeable with such a genuine approach to things; she helps you cut through all the noise and move forward. Mindset is hugely important, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clare"

kim plummer


Suzi Ratcliffe

"Working on my mindset gives me the confidence to tackle new things and understand what's holding me back.

Since being in Clare's membership I've seen some big shifts in my mindset which have improved my business and my personal life. The group is great - safe, supportive, open and honest. Clare is fantastic!"

Suzi ratcliffe, business support solutions


"Clare is amazing and I will be forever grateful to her for helping me overcome things I've struggled with my whole life, in a very short space of time. She is so experienced and knowledgeable in her field"

Gabi Arnold



"How I show up in my business is intrinsically linked to how I feel about myself. I know that mindset is the key to everything. I'm so much more confident now and I've stopped delaying things I'm scared about doing - in my life and my work!

If you're thinking about joining the membership, just DO it!"

Sarita Jairath, FB & IG Ads specialist


"I absolutely love working with Clare. She has such a calming, yet strong influence that radiates through everything that she does. I'm part of her membership where she constantly delivers amazing workshops, mini trainings and reminders to keep us on track.

Mindset is such a huge part of my personal and business growth. It's an area that I'm really happy to invest in and am so happy to have found Clare to guide me on that journey"

Vicky etherington



"Clare is amazing and has such a unique ability to make the complicated psychology of mindset into simple language that means you can break everything down, implement new techniques and actually progress and grow.

I have become more confident in my abilities and have overcome my fear of public speaking or presentations by using Clare's techniques and now actually enjoy it. Her Imposter Syndrome masterclass was AMAZING and one that all women should hear. Thanks, Clare"


Wow, Clare is amazing! I can't wait for our next session"


"Clare's approach is unique. She keeps things fresh, grounded and light -  you'll improve your mindset without feeling overwhelmed about it!"

Carol Perez, online community strategist


"Clare's membership is phenomenal! Hands down my favourite group to be part of"

suzi ratcliffe


"If you want to improve your mindset, Clare is the one to go to"

elizabeth manou anderson, business design strategist


"Clare is such a breath of fresh air. Unlike lots of experts out there she's realistic and knows what challenges really look like on the ground.

She helps you understand your triggers and gives practical tools that can be applied in everyday life"

rachel rimell


"Can't recommend Clare, her group and her 1:1 sessions enough! She has an incredible way of reading through the chaos of my feelings and figuring out the root""

kelly rigg



Clare is the resident mindset expert in my business membership. She provides wonderfully supportive, accessible and challenging sessions for my members who have nothing but overwhelming praise for her.

My members are always willing to open up about very personal topics because she makes them feel so safe and listened to.

Clare has the perfect mix of knowledge, relatability and the ability to challenge negative thoughts - all whilst using easy to understand language and examples.

We all love her and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to everyone"

Helen hamston, founder of the gin fund business club